Grease & Debris Removal

Grease and Debris removal is a tough business, especially in the wake of  "Green" initiatives.

Removing grease and debris in most cases is a trivial process, although it can be time consuming.  Having the correct equipment for the job not only reduces the amount of time it takes to complete the process, but also ensures state and federal compliance.

Grease can not be discharged into the public sanitary system, nor can it be brought to conventional treatment plants.  It must be brought to a specialized, designated facility for processing. The stringent laws make grease removal expensive.  The burden not only lies with the person(s) or company removing/disposing of the grease, but also the persons(s) or company from which is came from.

Hiring the right company for the job is imperative.  Knowing that all the proper steps are taken throughout the entire process not only gives you piece of mind, but will also keep you from getting fined, litigation, bad press, the list goes on.

We follow all EPA guidelines and make no exceptions for anyone.

We can install and/or repair grease traps, separator & strainers, floor drains, slop sinks and pretty much anything else that relates to the trapping or collecting of grease and debris.

We also have preventative maintenance programs that help relieve the strain and cost associated with maintaining grease and debris removal systems.

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