High Pressure Jetting

Clogged sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare of public health hazards.

Whether clogging is caused by sewage backup or other disasters, you need someone who can respond with the right type of equipment and experienced personnel.

Our sewer cleaning services include a high velocity water-jetting machine at pressures up to 2,500 psi. Our jetting equipment sets up in minutes and rids your sanitary and storm sewers of blockages more quickly than any other method available.
We can provide a wide range of services such as removal of debris and blockages from:

  • Sewer lines, pits and pumping stations.
  • Storm water lines and pits.
  • Conduits, process lines.
  • Catch basins.
  • Root intrusions (high-powered root cutters).

    High velocity water jetting can also be used for grease buildup in drains, process lines and culverts.
    Obstructions and debris are removed without any damage to sewer walls The process is clean and environmentally safe.