Residential Inspection Services

Purchasing a home is typically the largest investment a person makes. When you purchase a home, there seems to be endless fees associated with the purchase of a home. Many times, buyers try to limit these additional fees by cutting corners.

Lenders require that you have a home inspection, this tells them that the structure, roof, electrical, and plumbing are up to code. Problems found during a home inspection must be corrected before you get a mortgage.

Home inspections not only protect the lender, but also protect the buyer. Most Home Inspection agencies are fairly thorough, but are usually either not equipped or not trained to do a complete inspection of the sanitary sewer lines that connect a house to the city sewer lines and/or septic tanks.

The average cost of replacing a home’s sanitary sewer line (also known as a lateral line) is approximately $6,500.00, but can be much higher. Property such as driveways, landscaping, structural foundation drilling to replace pipes and not being able to use anything connected to a drain is what happens when a sanitary line needs replacing. A sanitary sewer line can seem to be in perfect working condition, but it still may need to be repaired and/or replaced. The only way to know for sure what condition the sanitary system is in would be to see it. This is where we come in.

OneVac will video your sanitary sewer line up to 4 inches (typical home size of residential sanitary line). This video inspection detects sags, offset joints, cracks, grease build up, partially crushed lines, roots and much more. Having a thorough inspection like this can literally save you thousands of dollars. Please see below for a listing of some of our home inspection services:

  • Video inspections of sanitary sewer line (client keeps video).
  •  Trace and map directional flow of sewer line (additional fees may apply).
  •  Documented report of all findings and suggestive measures outlined to the seller/buyer.
  •  Root treatment and/or removal.
  •  Sanitary/Storm line cleaning and repair.

Please keep in mind that this inspection is not mandatory and is only intended to protect the buyer from the possibility of unforeseeable repairs that are typically not detected with standard home inspections. Also, this inspection is not to replace a home inspection, but to compliment one.

If you have any question on these, or any other services we offer, please contact us.